Anderson Fair in 2019…Fall Concert Schedule

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We will start up our Fall concert schedule on Friday, September 23.

Friday and Saturday
September 23 and 24

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Terri Hendrix with Lloyd Maines

Project 5 Release…4 Albums and 1 Book

Most of the songs on these individual albums and the chapters in my book were written over the last eight years. All of my writing in that stretch seemed to touch in one manner or another on love, hope, and resilience. As I became ever more conscious of just how many common threads there were, connecting songs to songs and songs to book chapters and vice versa, the more I realized that everything I was working on was a single body of work. Seeing that “big picture” — and deciding to give it a bigger canvas, spanning four albums and a book — allowed me the room to explore different aspects of my writing and music in more depth than I ever have before on a single record. I worked a handful of carefully chosen covers into the mix, too — all songs that I felt reinforced the themes behind my project. I honestly didn't think about genre. I experimented with breath, vocal percussion, and instrumentation. This gave me the freedom to convey my songs in new and exciting formats.  I’ve always been a long-distance runner at heart, and like to think of Project 5 as a marathon: each leg is its own separate journey, but they all lead to the same destination. The first two "pieces" of Project 5, the albums "Love You Strong" and "The Slaughterhouse Sessions," were both released in 2016. The second two albums, "Talk to a Human" and "Who is Ann?", along with the book, "The Girl with the Exploding Brain", will be released on Sept. 6th, 2019. 

Thursday, October 3

Ken Gaines and Wayne Wilkerson
Songwriters Circle

Friday, October 4


Susan Gibson

CD Release Event

Susan Gibson knows all about blessings. Roundabout 28 years ago, she wrote herself a wish that grew up and went off on its own to become one of the biggest country songs of all time. Smiling at its success from afar, Gibson went on to happily live her own best life, free to hit the open road with a van full of happy dogs and a heart full of songs to share with attentive audiences across the country — and all the room in the world to "make the big mistakes" that a wide-eyed dreamer kinda gal could ever ask for.

Saturday, October 5

Mark Stuart 1.jpg

Mark Stuart

After many years on the Americana/Folk circuit, Stuart has cultivated a
very rounded performance. His show consists of storytelling, flashy guitar
"chops", and songs that seem to draw from his rock, blues, country, and folk
music roots. Mostly, this artist from Tennessee has toured solo or in a
notable duo with his wife ("Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart"). There were stints
along the way as a sideman, though (Steve Forbert, Freddy Fender, Steve
Earle, Joan Baez). If placed on the bill with a contemporary artist he is
usually asked to play guitar on their portion of the show. Just ask Jason
Ringenberg, Ray Wylie Hubbard, or Jimmy LaFave.

Thursday, October 10

Dana Cooper 1.jpg

Dana Cooper

“This veteran song writer poet is a self-contained road warrior — a man of many tunes and tunings and a right hand few guitarists will ever know. His music is vital, and live you will seehim channel all his energy into the song. The songs are smart, but they come from hisheart.” —
Frank Goodman,

Friday, October 11…

Caroline Spence 1.jpg

Caroline Spence

The third full-length from Caroline Spence, Mint Condition is an album narrated by people in various states of searching: alone on faraway highways, restless on rooftops in glamorous cities, stubbornly chasing their deepest dreams against all better judgment. With her poetic clarity and precision of detail, the Nashville-based singer/songwriter reveals the risk in setting out on an unconventional path, and subtly makes the case for living your own truth without compromise or fear.

Saturday, October 12…

Susan Elliot 1.jpg

Susan Elliott

Susan Elliott is an award-winning vocalist, songwriter, producer, and teacher based in Houston, Texas. A solo artist since 2017, Susan and her late husband and creative partner Joe Romano were a fixture in the Houston jazz community as the duo Mood Indigo. Susan describes her music as genre-less, but a background in theater and her long association with the jazz world are evident in both her singing and writing.