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May 2014


Thursday, May 1st    $10                       Guests this Week:
Songwriters in the Round                Erik Moll
Ken Gaines and                                 The Powell Brothers
Wayne Wilkerson




Friday,  May 2nd     $15
Richard Dobson

& Friends




Saturday, May 3rd     $15
Leslie Krafka
CD Release Event


Thursday, May 8th    $10                  Guests this Week:
Songwriters in the Round                   Steve Goodchild
Ken Gaines and                                   
Mark Viator &
Wayne Wilkerson                                    Susan Maxey



Michael O'Connor and Taylor Pie

Michael O'Connor and Taylor Pie

Friday,  May 9th    $15
Michael O'Connor
& Taylor Pie




Saturday,  May  10th   $15
Don Sanders


Thursday,  May 15th    $10                   Guests this Week:
Songwriters in the Round                    Donna Frost
Ken Gaines and                                     Mark Zues
Wayne Wilkerson

Friday,  May 16th    $15
Owen Temple
& Jamie Wilson

Saturday,  May 17th     $15
Matt Harlan
& Robert Hecht


              We'll be Closed over the Memorial Day Weekend

Thursday,   May 29th   $10                      Guests this Week:
Songwriters in the Round                      Rupert Wates
Ken Gaines and                                        The Renfrees
Wayne Wilkerson

Friday,  May 30th     $15
Sons of Slim

Saturday,  May 31st   $20
Ginger Leigh and
Wendy Colonna

Coming in June:

Friday, June 6     Michael Fracasso

Friday, June 13      Colin Gilmore and Nicolette Good

Saturday, June 14   Shake Russell with Michael Hearne and Mike Roberts

Friday, June 20     Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin

Saturday, June 21    Amanda Pearcy